Transcending trends with NN07.

February 6, 2018

One reason I love clothes is the stories that they tell. Not only is it a wonderful way to represent yourself through creativity and style, but as you wear them they become a part of you. They experience the moments of your life—good and bad. They have stories to tell. This is what NN07 (NO NATIONALITY 07) aims to create and I’m thrilled to partner with them to share my own story.

Garments should be apart of our life and stand the test of time. We shouldn’t have to constantly buy new items and try to keep up with trends. I admit, this is a very difficult concept for me to completely grasp—especially as a fashion blogger. I feel constant pressure to stay up to date with every season that launches and every trend that cycles through. While it creates a lot of enjoyment, it can also be exhausting. I don’t want to consume for the sake of consumption—buying just to have. It’s something that I’m starting to feel more and more passionate about. The idea that clothes can tell the story of our lives is a fascinating concept. That your personality and journeys are apart of what you wear—and this is what matters.

A while back, NN07 encouragement me to define my own concept of No Nationality. I gave it a lot of thought and realized that it’s these journeys and memories you create that transcend nationalities and can live on forever.

In my flatlay today, I included the camera that I use everyday for photographing my images. This camera isn’t too special from a technology standpoint. It’s not the top of the line DSLR equipped with the best lens out there, but it holds a lot of sentimental value. This was a 1st anniversary gift from my wife while we were dating. It’s special to me. Each photo I take goes on to create new memories—memories that I’m able to share with my followers.

NN07 is different then a lot of brands. I get the feeling that they truly care about the consumer. They want their clothes to last the test of time so that the customer can create their own stories the more they wear them. Trends come and go but quality should always stand the test of time.

Thanks so much to NN07 for sponsoring this post and providing me with the Nathan Crew Neck Knit, New Theo Chino, and cashmere blend Scarf One.

All thoughts and opinions are my own (as well as styling!)

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