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    Geared up for the weekend.

    SHOP THE LOOK Jacket: Mango (sold out) (similar)  //  Trousers: Séfr Séfr (sold out) (similar or less expensive)  //  Tote: Mismo (similar or similar)  //  Hat: Varsity Headwear (past season) (similar or similar)  // …

    February 10, 2018
  • Outfit

    Bundled up in brown and blue.

    SHOP THE LOOK Pants: L’Estrange London (similar or less expensive)  //  Sweater: Alex Mill (past season) (similar or similar or similar or less expensive)  //  Overcoat: Topman  //  Bag: Troubadour  //  Sunglasses: Kent Wang…

    February 9, 2018
  • Outfit

    Transcending trends with NN07.

    One reason I love clothes is the stories that they tell. Not only is it a wonderful way to represent yourself through creativity and style, but as you wear them they become a part…

    February 6, 2018
  • Outfit

    Enjoying the rain.

    SHOP THE LOOK Coat: Stutterheim  //  Sweater: Vince (past season) (similar or less expensive)  //  Oxford: Alex Mill (similar or similar or less expensive)  // Sneakers: Vor Shoes (similar or less expensive)  //  Denim: A.P.C. (less…

    February 5, 2018
  • Outfit

    Warm and comfy layers.

    SHOP THE LOOK Hoodie: Asket (similar or similar or less expensive)  //  Overcoat: A Day’s March (similar or similar)  //  Sneakers: Filippa K (similar)  //  Glasses: Gant via Visionworks  //  T-Shirt: Comme Des Garcons…

    February 4, 2018
  • Outfit

    Monochromatic mania.

    SHOP THE LOOK Shirt: Handvaerk (less expensive)  //  Watch: Mondaine  //  Sweater: COS (sold out) (similar or less expensive)  //  Cap: Harmony  //  Scarf: Holzweiler  //  Pants: Todd Snyder (or dark grey) (less expensive) …

    February 3, 2018
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